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Are you throwing your marketing budget into a black hole?

Where are you allocating your marketing Dollars? Are you paying and praying? Today’s marketing and advertising world is noisier than it’s ever been. So, are you just another voice at a raging party, or are you sitting around a table at a coffee shop having an intelligent conversation about your industry? I’m not a big […]

If you’re using Social Media for customer service, something went wrong

I know that title sounds contrary to what tons of people preach about social media. Heck, I’ve been known on 1 or 20 occasions to tell clients and anyone who’ll listen, that Social Media can be one of the best customer management tools around. And it is. The social web, is by far the best […]

Things Everyone Should Know When Hiring A Consultant or Freelancer

This particular post has been a long time coming. After 2 years of consulting I’ve really think I nailed down the things that everyone needs to know when hiring a consultant. 1. Be specific about what you want The majority of problems that arise in the Client-Consultant relationship start here. The majority of problems that […]