About Me

IMG_1434My name is Gerardo and I do cool things on the internet.

I’ve got a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Cal State Long Beach, and any day I get to use my drill press or angle grinder is a mighty fine day.

Right now, I handle all of our content and production coordination over at My Sports Mentor, where we’re trying to Instruct, Inform and Inspire kids to become better athletes. Oh, and Coaches. We like helping make better coaches.

I used to run a small marketing and web development agency called Strategy Partners, and helped put on some of the best personal and professional development seminars in the country. Trust me, they were much more fun than they sounds. It helps that our attendees kept telling us that those events improved their finances and personal relationships. That was pretty cool.

In 2004, I started a writing internship at USC working on the Tactical Language Project. Our goal was to put a little bit of language and culture behind every American trigger finger in Iraq and Afghanistan. By 2005 we’d spun the project out into it’s own company, Alelo, Inc. We won some fancy awards, and some Marine units credited their 0 casualty rate, in large part, to what they learned from our software— that’s still worth more to me than any award.