About Me

IMG_1434My name is Gerardo, I’m a web developer and internet marketer. I run a small marketing and web development agency called Strategy Partners. We help small, medium, and independent brands transition to the web, and I’ve got a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Cal State Long Beach to boot. Kind of a weird combination, right?

Well, not really. When I first started college, because I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but after talking to a few engineers, I quickly found out that I had no interest in becoming a mechanical engineer. Don’t get me wrong, I love building stuff, but what they were describing seemed way too boring, so I did what every rational problem-solving engineer does, I switched majors to English Literature, because it was harder. Actually, it was because I realized that literature forced me to think critically and find creative solutions more often.

In 2004 I started an internship at USC working on the Tactical Language Project. Shortly thereafter, I started noticing that the web was becoming significantly more communicative, and social. People were taking their offline human interactions and extending them online.

By 2005 we’d spun the project out into it’s own company, Alelo, Inc and I was it’s 6th hire, after the 3 co-founders, our office administrator, and the lead developer. My four years at this startup were by far the most transformative years of my career. I went from being a Content Author and Quality Assurance tester to defacto project coordinator and python programmer for product releases.

In 2009, I started consulting and helping small and independent businesses make the transition online. I knew that these emerging platforms were going to give business owners the ability to communicate directly with their consumers, and build better and more effective relationships. This has become the perfect marriage of my love of building things and finding creative solutions to problems.