Migrated. Posted May 24, 2009

It is extremely sad when I talk to someone and they tell me that they can’t succeed at something or other because they don’t have the right talents or circumstances. I think too many people hide behind talent and circumstances because it a convenient excuse for their lack of courage or fear to dive into something new. Success is totally a function of choice and attitude.

I think that the biggest problem people have in developing their entrepreneurial genius, is that they look at something, whether it be this affiliate program, or some other business venture, and say to themselves, I have no idea how that works and I could never do that. If you’ve never done it, or learnt anything about it, chances are that you can’t do that. This is where attitude and choice come in. If you have a can do attitude, and make the choice to learn about that business, seek out a mentor or a coach, then you have a better chance of success. Too many people believe that failure is the opposite of success. Failure is part of success. Ever heard of try, fail, adjust? Your barriers are imaginary, push past them and you will realize just how great you can become. I believe that there is a giant sleeping inside of each and every one of us, and when we wake it up, miracles will start to happen.

This one is a personal pet peeve of mine. I hate it when people ask me what their chances are at succeeding in something. I was talking to a poet that wants to figure out how to develop his blog in such a way that he can monetize it and work solely on writing. He had a vision of what he wanted, and I told him that he needed to work on getting 1,000 people to visit his site on a regular basis. I gave him ideas on how to do it, and then I told him that if he could put together a community of 1,000 readers, he would have some leverage to use with businesses and publishers. He then asked me the what his chances of doing this would be. ZERO. With that attitude, he’s going to have better chances of winning the lottery.

At the end of the day, talent and circumstances just means that you either have to work more or less hard to achieve success. I’ll leave you with this one last thought. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times in his attempt to create the light bulb. When they asked him how he dealt with all the failure, he simply told them that he did not fail, he just found 10,000 ways how not to create a lightbulb. Determination, choice, attitude are everything.

This post has been a bit more of a rant, and I truly hope that you got a nugget or two of good information out of it. It breaks my heart when I talk to people who are just getting hammered by this economy, and they have the blinders on and can’t see past the limits they set for themselves.

Sometimes though, I come across someone who completely understands that everything in life is choice and attitude. Those people are rays of sunshine for me.