Hi There!,

I’m Gerardo. I’m a recovering code monkey.

I spent the past 15 years building cool web applications for small and medium-sized companies— a few of which are still running and generating revenue for clients.

I was also the lead developer at My Sports Mentor, where we were on a mission to democratize sports instruction.

More Recently,

I spend most of my time literally getting my hands dirty fixing and building things that people can actually touch.

Any day I can use the Table Saw without cutting off a finger, or fire up the Arc Welder without electrocuting myself (or setting something on fire) is a pretty good day.


I spend a decent portion of my day drinking coffee and pondering the answer to that age old question, “Whats for Dinner?”

Spoiler Alert: It’s usually something delicious. See for yourself. I’m actually getting quite good at this dinner thing.

Every Now and Then

I still make time to bang away on the keyboard and build things on the computer. It’s almost always for myself, friends or family— although I do have to admit that playing with PHP, Python, JavaScript, and the Adobe suite are starting to feel fun again. Starting.