— Why Schools Should Teach Kids to Program

Take a few minutes to watch the video, and you’ll learn just how important it is for every kid in the United States to know how to code.

I never imagined how much my life would change when Ben and Apoorav, told me that I had to learn python so we could make one of the first releases of Tactical Iraqi for the new Marine Corps contract.

Knowing how to program is extremely empowering. I can’t begin to say how it has had a profound impact in my life, and not just financially. It has boosted my confidence. Whenever I’m feeling down, I take some time and figure out how to build something using a technology or an approach I’ve never used before. I also love that it forces me to keep up with new things, so I never stop learning.

I think the most critical thing highlighted in this video, is that learning how to code, inherently puts you in a creator’s mindset. You’re continuously looking to create a solution to a problem. With an ever changing (and globalized) economy, the most important skill a kid can have is the ability to think critically. Teach someone how to be a good learner and how to implement that knowledge, and I’ll show you someone who probably will never be out of work for very long.

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